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New Books Network Podcast 

I am the host of the World Christianity podcast channel, where I shed light on recent book publications and interview scholars of the emerging field of World Christianity. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to do a podcast interview about your recent publication.


28. Interview with Briana Wong (Phillips Theological Seminary) on her monograph Cambodian Evangelicalism: Cosmological Hope and Diasporic Resilience (Penn State University Press, 2023)

27. Interview with Gina Zurlo (Yang Visiting Scholar of World Christianity at Harvard Divinity School) on her monograph Women in World Christianity: Building and Sustaining a Global Movement (Wiley-Blackwell, 2023) and interview co-hosted by Sun Yong Lee


26. Interview with Michèle Miller Sigg (Center for Global Christianity and Mission at Boston University School of Theology) on her monograph Birthing Revival: Women and Mission in Nineteenth-Century France (Baylor University Press, 2022) and interview co-hosted by Sun Yong Lee

25. Interview with Chris Suh (Emory University) on his monograph The Allure of Empire: American Encounters with Asians in the Age of Transpacific Expansion and Exclusion (Oxford University Press, 2023) and interview co-hosted by Chanhee Heo

24. Interview with Chandra Mallampalli (Westmont College) on his monograph South Asia's Christians: Between Hindu and Muslim (Oxford University Press, 2023)

23. Interview with Kyama Mugambi (Yale Divinity School) on his monograph A Spirit of Revitalization: Urban Pentecostalism in Kenya (Baylor University Press, 2020) and interview co-hosted by Luke Donner

22. Interview with Jason Bruner (Arizona State University) on his monograph How to Study Global Christianity: A Short Guide for Students (Palgrave Macmillian, 2022)


21. Interview with Mitri Raheb (Dar al-Kalima University) on his monograph The Politics of Persecution: Middle Eastern Christians in an Age of Empire (Baylor University Press, 2021) and interview co-hosted by Tala Raheb

20. Interview with Emma Wild-Wood (University of Edinburgh) on her monograph The Mission of Apolo Kivebulaya: Religious Encounter and Social Change in the Great Lakes C. 1865-1935 (James Currey Press, 2020) and interview co-hosted by Sun Yong Lee

19. Interview with Gina Zurlo (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) on her monograph Global Christianity: A Guide to the World's Largest Religion from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (Zondervan Academic, 2022)

18. Interview with Helen Jin Kim (Emory University) on her monograph Race for Revival: How Cold War South Korea Shaped the American Evangelical Empire (Oxford University Press, 2022) and interview co-hosted by Sun Yong Lee

17. Interview with James Taneti (Union Presbyterian Seminary) on his monograph Telugu Christians: A History (Fortress Press, 2022) and interview co-hosted by Akhil Thomas


16. Interview with João Chaves (Hispanic Theological Initiative) on his monograph The Global Mission of the Jim Crow South: Southern Baptist Missionaries and the Shaping of Latin American Evangelicalism (Mercer University Press, 2022)

15. Interview with Aminta Arrington (John Brown University) on her monograph Songs of the Lisu Hills: Practicing Christianity in Southwest China (Penn State University Press, 2020) and interview co-hosted by Briana Wong

14. Interview with Afe Adogame (Princeton Theological Seminary) on his monograph Indigeneity in African Religions: Oza Worldviews, Cosmologies and Religious Cultures (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021)


13. Interview with Yonatan N. Gez, Yvan Droz, and Jeanne Rey on their co-authored monograph Butinage: The Art of Religious Mobility (University of Toronto Press, 2021) and interview co-hosted by Irene Promodh


12. Interview with Retief Muller (Calvin University) on his monograph Scots Afrikaners: Identity Politics and Intertwined Religious Cultures in Southern and Central Africa (Edinburgh University Press, 2021)

11. Interview with Tim Hartman (Columbia Theological Seminary) on his monograph Kwame Bediako: African Theology for a World Christianity (Langham Publishing, 2021)

10. Interview with Alexander Chow and Emma Wild-Wood (University of Edinburgh) on their edited volume Ecumenism and Independency in World Christianity: Historical Studies in Honour of Brian Stanley (Brill, 2020)

9. Interview with Dyron B. Daughrity (Pepperdine University) on his monograph Worldly Christian: The Life and Times of Stephen Neill (Lutterworth Press, 2021)

8. Interview with David C. Kirkpatrick (James Madison University) on his monograph A Gospel for the Poor: Global Social Christianity and the Latin American Evangelical Left (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019)

7. Interview with Devaka Premawardhana (Emory University) on his monograph Faith in Flux: Pentecostalism and Mobility in Rural Mozambique (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018)

6. Interview with Paul Michael Hedges (Nanyang Technological University) on his monograph Understanding Religion: Theories and Methods for Studying Religiously Diverse Societies (University of California Press, 2021)

5. Interview with Daryl R. Ireland (Boston University School of Theology) on his monograph John Song: Modern Chinese Christianity and the Making of a New Man (Baylor University Press, 2020)

4. Interview with Deanna Ferree Womack (Emory University Candler School of Theology) on her monograph Protestants, Gender, and the Arab Renaissance in Late Ottoman Syria (Edinburgh University Press, 2020) and interview co-hosted by Sun Yong Lee

3. Interview with Jason Bruner (Arizona State University) on his monograph Imagining Persecution: Why American Christians Believe There is a Global War Against Their Faith (Rutgers University Press, 2021) and interview co-hosted by Shalon Park

2. Interview with Martha Theodora Frederiks (Utrecht University) and Dorottya Nagy (Protestantse Theologische Universiteit) on their edited volume World Christianity: Methodological Considerations (Brill, 2021)

1. Interview with K. Kale Yu (High Point University) on his monograph Understanding Korean Christianity: Grassroot Perspectives on Causes, Culture, and Responses (Pickwick, 2019)

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