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Spring 2024

Teaching Fellow

Course: East Asian Christianity from 1500-1800

Instructor: Dr. Kenneth Appold


Fall 2022

Teaching Fellow

Course: Jesus Beyond Christianity

Instructor: Dr. Richard Fox Young

Fall 2021

Teaching Assistant

Course: World Ecumenism in Dialogue

Instructors: Dr. Kenneth Appold and Dr. Raimundo Barreto

Spring 2021 

Teaching Assitant

Course: Islam in America

Instructor: Dr. Richard Fox Young

Spring 2020

Teaching Assistant

Course: East Asian Christianity from 1500-1800

Instructor: Dr. Kenneth Appold

Comments from course evaluations (full reports available upon request)

[Jesus Beyond Christianity] - Fall 2022 (T.F.)

"Byung Ho was very good at facilitating discussion and encouraging students to better express themselves. He did a good job reviewing the assignments and made very helpful comments."

"He was extremely knowledgeable and approachable at the same time. Great pedagogy."

"Byung Ho was able to provide us with really good feedback on our weekly discussion posts. He also made sure we knew all that was required and guided us very well throughout the course."

"He discusses questions intelligently. He is very humble in the reflection questions. He has wealth of experience in the course."

[World Ecumenism in Dialogue] - Fall 2021 (T.A.)


"Mr. Choi was a wonderful TA. He was knowledgeable about the course materials, and moreover was passionate about them. This came out clearly when he spoke in plenary. He also provided helpful comments on the prospectus for my final paper which helped me hone in on a topic and provide a clearer thesis." 

"Byung Ho Choi was so helpful and humble. He emphasized towards the end of class, that he views the role of TA as one where we are learning together-students, professors, and TAs- and he really effectively facilitated that type of learning environment. Byung Ho Choi is evidently kind, brilliant, and sensitive to the needs of students." 


"Byungho's understanding of the church in Korea helped to enrich the course."

[Islam in America] - Spring 2021 (T.A.)

"Byung Ho was a phenomenal TA. He lead many discussions and facilitated many discussions and general learning. He and Dr. Young played off of each other's strengths very well and in many ways co-taught the class. Byung Ho approached the subject with lots of humility but also a deep wealth of knowledge which I benefited greatly from."

"Byung-Ho is intelligent, well-organized and an excellent teacher. His style is both encouraging and informed, which made for great classes and discussions. He's also very skilled as a facilitator -- he kept the class on schedule in a way that really maximized our time with our guest speaker and allowed us to get the most out of the experience -- I've found facilitating discussions and keeping things on schedule to be difficult, but he made it look effortless."

"Byung is a superstar. He is very warm and generous and his desire for students to learn and grow is obvious. Frankly, there were not many students who seemed to give much effort but he was always engaging and generous while knowing more about the readings than anyone in the webex room."

[East Asian Christianity from 1500-1800] - Spring 2020 (T.A.)

"Byung Ho is excellent at communicating his expectations, providing an example, and facilitating discussion. He is an engaging TA, one of the top TAs I've had in my time at PTS. He is knowledgable, respectful, and pastoral."

"He created a very good balance between student-led discussion and covering course materials. The environment he fostered in precept allowed for questions and curiosity, but he kept the group effective and on track. He was enthusiastic about the material and one could tell that he was excited to be teaching and learning alongside with us."

"He was very patient and good at making people feel heard and understood. He gave helpful feedback and was always available for questions and was extremely thoughtful and helpful in the responses to questions or concerns."

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